Wednesday, January 6, 2010

36 in 356 (Round 2)

Well it's a new year, which means a new list of goals for 2010. I've added mostly new goals, and included a few that I did not complete last year, but still want to. Here you go!

Get Busy
1. Blog everyday for two months (1/2):
2. Leave a comment on someone's blog each day for a month.
3. Read Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Anna Karenina (3/3).
4. Make a five course meal to enjoy over candlelight with my husband.
5. Cook a new type of soup each month (6/12).
6. Watch five movies from my "Film Club" list (6/5): Breakfast at Tiffany's, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Bicycle Thief, Murmur of the Heart, The Searchers, Casablanca
7. Learn something about photography.
8. Be an audience member for a tv show: "The Hour" and "Steven and Chris"
9. Try a new fruit or veggie each month (6/12): passion fruit, tamarillo, okra, fresh fig, persimmon, kabocha squash
10. Practice my ice skating skills (0/2)

Get Crafty
11. Finish my wedding scrapbook.
12. Create a wedding album for both sets of parents.
13. Make a special someone a Blurb book.
14. Write a list of 101 things that make me happy (20/101). #1, #2, #3, #4

Get Giving
15. Send Christmas Cards to family and friends.
16. Write a long email to a friend twice per month (12/24).
17. Call my BFF at least once a month (12/12).
18. Pay for someone in the drive thru behind me.
19. Send flowers to someone anonymously.
20. Volunteer somewhere for something: I mentored an international teacher through the "Skills for Change" program.

Get Healthy
21. Complete the couch to 5k program.
22. Run a 5k race and do not get lost.
23. Learn how to skate.
24. Complete the 100 pushup challenge.
25. Go rock climbing.
26. Try a hot yoga class.

Get Places
27. Attend a blues or jazz fest.
28. Take the architectural boat tour in Chicago.
29. Explore at least two different states in the US (3/2): New Orleans, Philadelphia, Tennessee
30. Go to a drive-in movie.
31. Go to the Toronto Islands.
32. Hike the Pinery.
33. Explore one new place every month (5/12): Distillery District, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, Lakeview
34. Go geocaching (1/3).
35. See musicals (2/3): Cats, Billy Elliot
36. Watch the sun rise: On the Kilimanjaro summit!

Now, let's look and see how I did with last year's 36 in 365 list. The bold ones have been completed.

Get Busy
1. Take a wine tasting class (Went on a wine-tasting bike tour through Niagara).
2. Take a cooking class (Close enough - I start one next week).
3. Read five non-fiction books (5/5): The Film Club, Against Medical Advice, Multiple Blessings, Up Till Now, sTORI Telling
4. Reread the entire Harry Potter series before the next movie (7/7).
5. Read Jane Eyre.
6. Make a homemade cherry pie (Does apple count?).
7. Play a Euro boardgame with M. once a month (4/12).
8. Write in a greatful journal everyday for a month.

Get Crafty
9. Put together a birthday/anniversary calendar.
10. Print pictures and put them in frames.
11. Get two plants for my pots and keep them alive (2/2).
12. Make a wedding scrapbook (Halfway finished).
13. Create a Blurb honeymoon album.
14. Send a postcard to Post Secret.

Get Giving
15. Send 6 cards via snail mail for no particular reason (1/6).
16. Write an email to a friend once per week (5/52). (Too hard to keep track.)
17. Pay 12 strangers compliments (0/12).
18. Pay for someone in the drive thru behind me.
19. Send flowers to someone anonymously.

Get Healthy
20. Floss my teeth every day for a month (and try to continue it).
21. Wash my face before bed every day for a month (and try to continue it).
22. Complete the couch to 5k program.
23. Run a 5k race and not get lost.
24. Learn how to skate.
25. Complete the 100 pushup challenge.
26. Go rock climbing.
27. Break my bathroom habit (Sorta).

Get Places
28. Take a completely random and spontaneous road trip. (Camping!)
29. Go on a picnic.
30. Try Ethiopian food.
31. Go to a drive-in movie.
32. See a Cirque du Soleil show.
33. Go to the Grand Canyon.
34. Go on a hike.
35. Go to the Toronto Islands.
36. Check out the Beaches.

I completed 20 out of the 36 goals, which I am happy with. I could have done better, but I found making this list really gave me some focus and motivated me to keep me busy, which is all I wanted. Apparently I lack in "giving" and "health", so I will try harder on those categories in 2010 :)


  1. Hey!

    Which cooking class are you starting next week? Is it at george brown?

  2. Lofty goals but a great way to fill the next 6 months :)

  3. Good for you!! I think you did great on your goals last year!!

  4. Hey Karine, it's a continuing education class through the Toronto District School Board. Indian Cooking - can't wait! Are you taking one at George Brown?

  5. Mmmm, tandoori chicken!

  6. I am actually taking 2 at George Brown this winter. I am taking sauces and marinades and baking.

    Indian cooking seems a lot of fun! You will probably learn how to combine their zillion spices :).