Monday, January 18, 2010

Clean Out the Fridge Soup

I love to get rid of stuff. Love, love, love it. That's why I enjoy making clean out the fridge soup. Since I'm moving to Chicago in 5 1/2 months (ahhh!) I am trying to use up everything I have.

Step 1: Search your cupboards/fridge/freezer and come up with a recipe that might work. I decided to make a chicken and veggie soup. Here's what I found to put in it:
I used everything pictured except the pasta and sweet potato. Basically just veggies, broth, and chicken. (Seriously, anyone want my pasta? I have enough to last me everyday for the rest of my life, and I don't even like pasta!)

Step 2: Pull out the trusty crock pot and pile everything in. Ugh, love the crock pot. It's so easy. I let this soup cook overnight and it was ready by the morning. Then I got lazy and took no pictures of the finished product so you'll have to use your imagination!
Step 3: Eat it everyday for a week straight. I must say I was quite impressed with this soup. I was a little weary mixing beef broth and chicken, but it turned out just fine! Easiest lunch EVER.


  1. Great idea! Anything and everything can go in a soup!

    Same with pasta sauce - whatever veggies you have around, fresh or frozen can go in the pot. Cook them up and put them in the blender or food processor and you won't even see them. But the vitamins will all be there, hidden.

    Then top your pasta with it and freeze it for lunches too!

  2. I love soup of any kind...... I'll expect a nice pot of soup cooking when we visit in February!!