Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Going to be a Momma!

...To chickens, I'm so excited!

Today I went to Green Acres to pick up an egg hatching kit and incubator. In Grade 2 Science one of the units is Growth of Animals, so this is a great experience for the kids to have that follows the curriculum.
The incubator took quite a few hours to reach the proper temperature, so the fertilized eggs are sitting on my desk until tomorrow morning. I hope the caretaker doesn't put them in the fridge. In 21 days or so we should have chicks!Let me tell you, I am going to milk this for all it's worth:

"Silent work period - the chicks might not hatch if we're too loud."
"Sit down. You're giving me and the chicks a headache."
"Stop running around - how would you feel if you stepped on our class pet and killed it?"

Ohhhh, yes.. can't wait. This will be the best month of my teaching career :)


  1. I love it!! First, I just about fell off my chair when I read that you are going to be a momma and then I realized it was to the baby chicks!! After recovering I continued reading... yes, I can just see you milking it for all it's worth!! Good luck with your chicks, Momma!!

  2. LOL!!! I can relate to the milking part. I will have to show these pics to A and E. They will be very excited!

  3. Aw, so cute! Ask M if he remembers going to the Museum of Science and Tech and sitting and waiting forever for little chicks to hatch :) Their incubator was massive - held a few hundred eggs,so there was often a few hatching. So cool when they pop out. Your kids - and you - will love it!

  4. What are you going to do with the chicks once they've hatched?

  5. Joe, they go back to the farm at Green Acres.

  6. they did this in my class when I was in grade three but they didn't grow all the way for some reason and the teacher broke them open to show us anyway and it was a bit traumatizing to see dead half developed chickens.