Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

One of my goals this year for 36 in 365 is to make a list of 101 things that make me happy. There are plenty of things that make me happy (ex: back massages and dark chocolate), but I want to record specific memories that make me smile and laugh to myself when I remember them.

This sorta thing happens to me all the time when I'm walking down the street... I remember some obscure thing, I start smiling, give a little laugh to myself perhaps, then people start looking at me like I'm crazy. (You know you've seen this, too. You walk past someone and wonder what the heck they're so happy about. How dare they smile.)
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Here are the first five happy things on my list. You may not "get" them, but this is my blog and these memories make me smile, so there :)

1) Climbing up the CN Tower in 21 minutes and 6 seconds, with a chest cold, not stopping once, and passing all the skinny, hot girls the entire way up.

2) Thinking about all the crazy things that M does in his sleep. Like the time he beat me up and thought I was a robber (not funny at the time) and the huge fake bugs he sees, then proceeds to freak out.

3) Crotch-o-chef. Don't ask.

4) Sitting on a bench by myself in Paris (M was sick in bed) and getting up the courage to ask someone, in French, what time it was. But first rehearsing the phrase over and over in my head.

5) That one time before my wedding ceremony when the priest was saying a group prayer in a little huddle and I burst out laughing. Damn nerves!

Do you have any funny memories with/of me that maybe I have forgotten and can add to my list?


  1. I remember when M was trying to recruit you as a Senator's fan and you showed little real interest until I showed you a picture of Mike Fisher! Your face lit up and you happily went with M to the game. If a picture of Mike Fisher doesn't make someone smile, you're not alive! :)

  2. That moment at the church was kinda funny! My memory of you that makes me smile is pretty much all of them because you are always giggling and laughing and then it always catches on and makes me giggle and laugh too. I can always picture when you go "ha!" at something funny.

  3. Oh my Crotch-o Chef!!! Those were the days eh Jill!! There are a lot of good/funny memories from back in the day. I have a couple I could add but I don't think they would be appropriate on here....okay well here's a hint to one of them....calling cabs to someones house

  4. stbo.... I think I need a little talk with you the next time you come into work.... I'm very curious about the Crotch-o Chef and J told me to ask you about it.... The funniest thing I remember J is when you got your first freezing of a tooth and you thought your face was always going to feel that way.... you laughed and I laughed so hard... (you of course had a real lopsided laugh that day)

  5. Marina - every time we go to a Sens game we go down to the first row so M can watch the warm up and I can watch Mike Fisher :)

    Stace - I don't think I ever realized I go "Ha" but I guess it's true. Ha!!!!!!!!

    Steph - Those were the good ole' days for sure! We were bad asses, or tried to be!

    Marndog - My lopsided face was not funny at the time! I cried because I was so hideous!

  6. But you did laugh after you cried!!

  7. Booze harder!

    Enough said =)

  8. Another time you really smiled and laughed was when we went to High Tea with your Aunt Leah.... we were so out of place.... and we didn't care... we just couldn't stop laughing!!! Can't wait to go again..... if they will let you make reservations!!!

  9. Sometime Marnie, you and Jill should come to Ottawa and we'll do high tea at the Chateau Laurier - its just fabulous! And you won't feel out of place. As lovely as it is, you can sit and have a good old laugh and not be out of place at all.

  10. That would be fun!!