Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is There a Full Moon?

.. because all the crazies are out tonight in Toronto. Here are three separate incidents that I encountered in a half hour period:

1) Two kids plus their father come onto the subway. The one boy, maybe 7 years old starts screaming (ear piercingly loud), "Don't talk to me! Shut up! I hate you!" and runs up and down the aisle of the train, bumping into other passengers the entire way. The dad sends the older boy to get the kid and they start wrestling in the aisles, falling all over the place. The dad said nothing the entire time. I just wanted them to come close enough so I could trip them or something.

2) The man sitting across from me randomly started belting out some gibberishy song... like 10 different times in total. Then I noticed he had coke bottle glasses on, which made him all the weirder. Lookin' sorta like this...3) Steps from the entrance to my condo, I hear pitter patter pitter patter. I turn around and there's a lady running after me. She says, "Are you moving to India?" I say, "No, are you?" Then she forcefully says, "YOU ARE MOVING TO INDIA." So I said, "Yes." Then she kept running.

M and I agree that Chicago may be full of thugs, but Toronto is full of the crazies. Or maybe I just haven't spent enough time in Chicago yet :)


  1. Lol - I love Toronto! I'll have to reserve judgement on Chicago

  2. This is a reason why Toronto is awesome to visit because people watching becomes a hobby of mine when I do get a chance to visit the city. Maybe next time I come visit we can ride the subway all day and just watch the crazy people...or sit outside your apartment building LOL just kidding Jilly!

  3. Bubbles ALWAYS makes me laugh! :)