Tuesday, January 12, 2010

C25K Week 3

I am almost finished week three of the Couch to 5K program. It's basically a nine week program and each week the amount of running is increased, to eventually reach 30 minutes. So far it's been on the easy side, but I may regret saying that soon!

A couple of years ago I took a Running Room clinic and at the end signed up for a 5K race with M and another couple. I was so ready. The race took place in High Park in Toronto and when we got to the starting line I think there was a total of 12 people registered. Smallest race ever. So underwhelming!

Everyone got a race map, but since I'm directionally challenged, of course I got lost. I was all by myself and the course was not marked well at all. Suddenly I found myself out of the park, running along a very busy road.

Eventually I found my way back, almost in tears and on the verge of hyperventilating. Everyone was standing there waiting for me, about to send out the search team :) So embarrassing. And wow, I felt so proud of myself when I got my award and official time in the mail - 42 minutes. Ridiculous.

Obviously, I'm not over it yet! This year my goal is to run a 5K (without getting lost). I will be done the C25K program by mid February, but you see, the problem is that nobody in their right mind in Canada runs outside during the winter. Running on a treadmill is quite different from running outside and I want to have some practice running outside before I sign up for a race.

I am very tempted to sign up for the St. Paddy's Day Run on March 14th in Chicago, since I'll be there at that time. What do ya think? Should I just live a little and go for it?


  1. Definitely go for it J! When I first met you, you were nervous about finishing school and moving to Toronto with M, a city far bigger than you were used to. But soon you embraced it - got a great job - your licence and discovered all your fantastic city had to offer. Now, this is just another step in the adventure, albeit a big one - but you can do it!!!

  2. I think you should do it!!! It's another challenge to look forward to!!

  3. Absolutely!! You MUST do it... so get training!!!