Friday, December 17, 2010

Music City! Yeehaw!

M and I spent last weekend in Music City - Nashville! Neither of us are country music fans, but I think a (short) trip is worthwhile for anyone, Garth Brooks lover or not.

Nashville, I learned, is quite spread out. I'd recommend renting a car while you're there, which we did not, but probably should have. Luckily, our hotel offered a shuttle to anywhere within a 5 mile radius and I'm pretty sure we were their best customers. We got to know the drivers quite well!

We arrived in Nashville on Friday night around 9pm. After checking into our hotel, we asked the shuttle driver where we should go - Nashvegas of course!
Nashvegas is the downtown strip where all of the honky tonk bars are, tons of restaurants, and a plethora of cowboy boot shops! It definitely reminded me of Bourbon St., minus the nekkid ladies.

Here's the famous Wildhorse Saloon where tons of country stars hang out. This is your go to place for line dancing lessons, so I've been told :)
I love me some Elvis!
Jack's Bar-B-Que is a highly recommended restaurant (the downtown location possibly being a tourist trip) and in my experience, a great place to eat meat! The smells coming from this place are just ridiculous.
Mmm, as soon as you open the door your nose is filled with the intoxicating scent of smoky BBQ. It's a beautiful thing.
The first time we ate here I was too busy enjoying the food, so here's what it looked like after we were done. M and I shared the combo platter which comes with 3 meats and 2 side dishes.
The next day we went again (once obviously wasn't enough), and this time on really empty stomachs. My plate is in the bottom of the picture and I ordered pork roast with mac and cheese and cinnamon apples. The best part about Jack's is they have six different sauces to dip your meat into. Holy heavens, this is my type of place!

I liked the sweet and smokey Kansas style sauce the best and promptly bought a bottle to take home. Then, sadly I realized I would now have to check my luggage on the way home because BBQ sauce is a liquid. Darn you, terrorists.
I luuuurved the genuine Southern hospitality in Nashville. I'll be back later with more Nashville goods, including our experience at the Grand Ole Opry!


  1. Oh yeah, now you're talking! 5 star restaurants be damned! Love me some bbq!

  2. I think we should stop in Nashville on our way to or from Florida.... it looks like a fun place to visit.