Friday, June 22, 2012

Month Eight With Little m

Month eight was smooth sailing for you, Little m. We enjoyed the most beautiful weather that I can ever remember a March or April having and spent as much time as possible at the parks in our area. You had a field trip to the zoo and conservatory with your baby friends and also had your first lunch date with daddy downtown.
By the end of your eighth month, you mastered sitting up by yourself, but still have the occasional wobble. You have a new trick! Playing peekaboo. I'm not really sure how this came about because I didn't really try to teach it to you, but one day I noticed you were covering your face and wanted to play! It's super cute.
You have a very strong core from you daily pilates practice and constant head and leg lifts while laying on your back. You and your monkey feet make us laugh and you always try to hold toys with your toes. Mama bought you an excersaucer, which you are not particularly fond of. This month you met Peter Rabbit at the Pottery Barn and tried to eat his whiskers!
We spent a lot of time with Grandma this month and had a girls' week while your daddy traveled to the UK for business. She spoiled you rotten for your first Easter and bought you a basket, two new books, and a squeaky bunny toy. Your Nanny and Grampie also bought you a beautiful Easter dress. You're one lucky kid.
You've been an excellent napper this month but I'm convinced you will never sleep through the night. You still get up once to nurse but thankfully go back to sleep quickly. You started babbling this month! Here's what you say: baba, lala, dada, and mama. You had your first tastes of veggie burger, hummus, cheese, and dried mango this month. You still put everything in your mouth and as much as I try to read books to you, you prefer to eat them.
One of my favourite things to do during the day is to take you to music classes. We have found all of the free spots to go to in the city and take full advantage of them. You absolutely love music and bounce and kick your legs non-stop for the entire thirty minutes. Your hair is getting blonder and longer and sometime your bedhead is out of control.
We love you so much. You are a joy and the best thing that's ever happened to us. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Munchkin Meals (Volume 1.)

As Little m is getting older she is also becoming pickier with what she wants to eat. I used to be able to feed her ANYTHING and it would be gone in minutes. Now, she karate chops me when she sees me coming with a spoon. She spits her purees out. Her once beloved fruits like blueberries and mangoes are tossed overboard for the doggie. Her pediatrician told me, "Food before one is just for fun." I agree, BUT things can become frustrating when the wee babe sits in her highchair screaming and swatting at the foods she used to like but no longer does, for reasons unknown. That's not fun for me or her.

What I need are ideas. It was perfect timing when Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life came up with the Munchkin Meals link up. Mama bloggers are showing what they're feeding their babies and from this I am hoping to find several ideas for future meals!

For breakfast, I recently found Little m's new fave - pancakes! I make a big batch of wholewheat pancakes and add the frozen pureed fruit that Little m no longer wants to eat. So far I've tried blueberry and banana and both were a hit. She loves being independent and feeding herself like a big girl, so now I just give her a whole pancake instead of bite size pieces. I do my best at every meal to include some proteins and carbs and fruits or veggies, but well, it's a work in progress.
After finding out that she wasn't allergic to them, another hit at breakfast time has been eggs. I made a spinach and feta omelet for her one day, which she wasn't a huge fan of, but she devours eggs when they're hard boiled, scrambled, or fried over-medium.
Some days I feed Little m lunch but most days it's more like a snack before her afternoon nap. And it's almost always babybel cheese. She can't get enough. When she sees the little red package she can't contain her excitement. These are great as snacks on the go as well and I'll just toss one into a little cooler bag before I leave the house if I know she'll get hungry while we're out. Other favourite snacks include hummus, Aussie Bites (from Costco), and dried mango (from Trader Joe's), which is awesome because it keeps her occupied for at least 20 minutes.
For dinner, I basically feed her exactly what we are having. She loves most meats, rice, and one of her favourite dinners is chicken tortellini covered in tomato sauce, as shown below. Some of the veggies I can get her to eat are peas, broccoli, and edamame.

So there you have it, Little m's mealtime eating at 9-10 months of age! I'm lucky I have a fairly good eater!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Month Seven With Little m

I dropped the ball the last few months and forgot to take the usual monthly pictures of Little m. Boourns. The good thing is that I have no shortage of iPhone pictures, as I take one almost every day to send to M at work and also her grandparents.
Little m, in your seventh month you started drinking playing with a sippy cup. You love eating mostly any fruit or vegetable in pureed form but your favourites include bananas, pears, and sweet potatoes. You also like trying whole foods such as peas. You do have trouble picking up such tiny pieces, but your pincer grasp is getting better the more you practice. You are enjoying swimming class more and more every week and are getting used to being fully submerged. You tried swinging on swings for the first time this month and were a huge fan. Both sets of grandparents visited you this month which was tons of fun, as usual! Your daddy and I love trying to make you laugh and have such fun when you break into a fit of giggles.
You already have such a funny personality and so many people tell me that you're the smiliest baby they've ever seen. Besides smiling all the time, you also like sticking your tongue out! You weigh around thirteen and a half pounds. You were never the most cuddly infant, but that is slowly changing. You'll now lay your head on our shoulders, like a sweet little munchkin should.
Month seven was probably the most amazing month for naps that we will ever experience. I'm talking two two-hour naps every day like clockwork. Oh, you make mommy so happy with these naps.
My favourite time of the day is when I nurse you to sleep at bedtime. Every night I look down at you and I still can't believe you're perfect and you're mine. At this time of the day you are so peaceful and content and often I want to stay sitting in our rocking chair extra-long, just holding you, because I know these days won't last forever. I'm trying to cherish each and every one of them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Month Six With Little m

Considering Little m is turning double digits months old this week, I'd say I'm a bit behind on her monthly updates. It's a good thing I took notes! Here's what she was up to:
Little m, you spent the first week of your sixth month in Florida. You had such a fun time and it was great to get away from the wintry weather in Chicago.

You officially doubled your birth weight this month and are now close to 12 pounds. You had fallen off of the percentile charts last month but are now back on! Your favourite meal is bananas mixed with oatmeal cereal, with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. You would enjoy that for both breakfast and dinner every singe day if I let you. I made apples for you one day but you thought they were way too sour. The video I took of you trying them is priceless.

You're the happiest during naked bum time. You love to kick, kick, kick your legs and move both of your arms up and down at the same time. You try to sit up but are still unsteady and will fall over if we let go. You love snuggling with mom and dad every morning in bed. You absolutely love taking baths and this month was your first swimming lesson too! You hated it. You are a very cultured girl and took your first trip to a museum, the Chicago Art Institute, with you friend Juniper. This month you started to giggle a lot more and we try to make you laugh by kissing your stomach and toes and by making weird noises. Grandma likes to bark at you like a dog to get you to giggle. She is funny, just like you. Bama also makes you laugh when he yawns loudly or wags his tail and creates wind in your face.

Slowly but surely, you are behaving better in the car seat and stroller. What I mean by this is that you don't start screaming right away when we put you down into one of them. You last a good ten minutes before that happens now :)  Actually, for the first time ever, we were able to go out for a family dinner and you stayed content in your stroller the entire time! 
Sleep training is really paying off and you slept an eight hour stretch. That only happened once, but it still made mama very happy. Mostly you sleep in 4-6 hour chunks during the night.

We cannot believe that you are a half of a year old! Time flies when you're having fun!