Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Eat a Passion Fruit

This passion fruit has been sitting on my counter for almost a month. I figured it it's not ripe by now it never will be! I was actually hoping it wouldn't be rotten in the middle since it had been there for so long.

Although I have eaten passion fruit flavoured things, I had never seen one. I was surprised to read a sign at the grocery store that said not to squeeze the fruits because they can be broken, similar to an egg. Through googling, I found out that a passion fruit is ripe when its skin becomes a bit wrinkled, deflated, or creased. This didn't happen to mine, even after a month!

To eat it, you cut the passion fruit in half. The skin is quite tough and hard to cut through. Open it up and you'll find these gelatinous seeds and juice that you can plop out. Not at all what I was expecting! Most people eat the fruit with something, or squeeze the seeds to make juice.
I added mine to a container of yogurt! It does not look very appetizing. The verdict: gelatinous, crunchy, a little tart yet sweet, fairly yummy. I probably would not buy one again because it wasn't anything spectacular and it's not easy to eat on the run, like an apple is.
If I'm ever visiting a place where they have fresh passion fruit I'd like to try one to see the difference!

And that fulfills part of a 36 in 365 goal of trying a new fruit or vegetable each month! Any suggestions for something different I should try?


  1. You're a brave woman! No way I wpould have poured that in my yogurt and eaten it :) But then I am hopelessly Irish - meat and potatoes and not much more.

  2. I'm not that brave! I did try the passion fruit first before I plopped it into my yogurt. It was too gooey for me to eat by itself. With yogurt though it was nice!