Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ba Ba Reeba and Broadway

Continuing on from yesterday's post, me and the BFF spent our crazy night out drinking sangria and watching a Broadway show. That's as crazy as we (me mostly) get :)

I've written about Cafe Ba Ba Reeba before and every time I go I end up loving it more and more. We ordered a pitcher of sangria, which should be illegal it's so good.
Cheers. Prost. Slainte.
We also ordered the pinxto platter which is perfect for sharing. Bite size morsels of deliciousness.
Man oh man, those balls of goat cheese and lemon, which Michelle is eating below, are scrumptious. Melt in your mouth. Can't get enough of that goodness.
After dinner we hopped on the L and headed downtown to see Billy Elliot on Broadway.
The train was empty so of course Michelle took advantage and showed me what she's been learning in her pole dancing class ;)
Christmas decorations are up already!
Christmas lights too, although I'm not sure if those are up year round or not.
And here's a scary dude who wanted to take a picture of Michelle and I. Ummm, no thanks. So he hopped in and ruined a perfectly good photo!
Next up is the inside of the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, which I very promptly got in trouble for taking. Tsk tsk. I was even trying to be discrete but those theatre stewards have eagle eyes! It's really quite a gorgeous theatre.
And that was that! Billy Elliot was seriously disappointing though. Way too long. A bit boring. Too much talking. Not enough dancing. And Billy was Asian. Now, I have nothing against Asians but it's not very believable to have an Asian child, two white parents, plus a white brother. And the grown up version of Billy was also white. So, so, so, so sad because I was looking forward to this musical for a long time. Oh well. I would not recommend it.

Other than that, it was a great night out with my BFF!


  1. I think you should have taken more pictures of Michelle pole dancing... lol. Good thing you didn't surrender your camera to that dude... you may not have gotten your camera back. I guess I'm not so disappointed now that I didn't see Billy Elliot. I'm glad you and Michelle had such a great time.

  2. Oh you guys look like you had a fantastic time!

    Did she love Chicago???

  3. Yes, she loved Chicago! I think she should move here :)

  4. Jill, thanks for being a wonderful tour guide! I had a blast and can't wait for my next visit to Chicago! Soo much more to see. Miss you already. xoxo
    P.S. Pole Dancing?? lol!!!
    MT aka BFF ;)