Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Architectural Boat Tour

For the past week I've been playing tourist in my new city. I heard good things about the architectural boat tours that take you along the Chicago River and lake, so I went ahead and booked one through Chicago Line Cruises.

The tours are regularly $37/person, but then I noticed that the first tour of the day, 8am, on Fridays and Saturdays are half price. Mmm, yes please! I also noticed that by booking online, you saved $2 on each ticket. I like, I like.

We got up bright and early and headed out. On the boat they have juice, coffee, muffins, and cookies. Here are my parents filling their faces!
And me, about to fill mine!
We started out by going through the locks, so that we could enter the lake.
Extraordinary views of the city! I loved it! The guide who spoke was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about the building we were passing.
My favourite part was once we got into the Chicago River and went by buildings that you normally only walk past. It was fun seeing everything from a different perspective.
The tour went right past M's office, so that was pretty neat too. I'm convinced that Mr. Trump chose the best possible location in all of Chicago for his tower!
I'd definitely recommend going on this architectural boat tour if you're ever visiting Chicago! Afterwards we headed to Navy Pier, but it was way too hot out! I'd never been to the pier before and it can pretty much be summed up as overpriced places to drink or eat your face off.
Next up we caught the free trolley and took it to Pizzeria Uno for some deep dish! This wasn't my favourite pizza, but it was still pretty delicious and not as greasy or overwhelmingly cheesy as others I've tried.
And after all this we still made it home for an afternoon nap!


  1. I have to say the new camera on the iPhone 4 takes some pretty nice photos!

  2. Hey Jilly...thats what you can do while your living there in Chicago.....be a tour guide...you are very good at it....

  3. oh man...i remember the deep dish pizza there was AMAZING...just two slices was enough calories and fat to last me a week...but it was sooo worth it. comparable to the burritos.

    have you gone up the sears tower yet?
    i thought the old fashioned subway system was kinda cool too

  4. I hope you're up for some more touring at the end of the month!

  5. Thanks for being such a great tourist guide. You and M are great hosts. I loved the boat tour.... it was so pretty out on the water at that time of day and the buildings were so amazing to see from that view.

  6. @jsunkistc: We've learned only to order a small pizza, which is one slice each if you have 4 people. Our server suggested we get either 2 smalls or 1 large!! That's a heart attack waiting to happen! We have gone up the Sears tower as well. There is so much to do here, I think I"ll be playing tourist forever.

    @marina: There is lots to see. I'll definitely be up for it! The boat tour might be fun for you guys to do while M's at work one morning.

  7. Sound like you enjoyed your cruise. Very happy to see the nice pictures and thank you for the nice review of Chicago Line Cruises. I hope you can join us for another cruise, when your schedule permits.

    Jerry - Chicagoline.com