Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Makes Me Happy #3

A few more things to add to my happy list...

11) "God bless you God". Big Brother, anybody? If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you need to start watching Big Brother. This quote from one of the girls kills me every time I think about it. Hilarious.

12) Karaoke in Japan. Trying to sing as many songs as possible in 30 minutes, by ourselves, in a teeny tiny room, with all instructions in Japanese. Oh my.

13) Go Coco Go. Home from my bachelorette by what, midnight? That was a fun night. But please, who put the onion ring on my head? And yes, I'm wearing the same dress as above.
14) The smell of L'air Du Temps perfume on my mumzies. She's worn it for forever and it's a nice, comforting smell that reminds me of when I was little and would sit on the bed, watching her get ready for a night out.

15) Climbing up the Eiffel Tower and seeing its lights twinkle in the dusk. That happened on the first night of our very first trip to Europe. What a way to start!


  1. Great picture from your bachelorette party!
    I love the smell of L'air Du Temps too! My gramma wore it. It smells so clean and fresh. I creeped some lady out at the gas station asking her if that was her scent. I love it everytime she rolls down her window and it wafts out. Weird haha.

  2. Haha - I remember that quote from Big Brother!

    You and M have done so much travelling, seen so much of the world, you must have millions of things to make you happy. And millions more to come!!

  3. I still love the smell of L'air Du Temps.... I'm glad you liked it also. I don't wear it as much anymore because of so many perfume free places but when I'm going out on the town... it's on!! I bet you will have lots to smile about when you are on the top of Killamanjaro.

  4. G, It makes me sad that someone still watches Big Brother. The other stuff is cool though, esp la tour eiffel.