Monday, January 13, 2014

36 in 365: 2014 Edition

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'Tis that time of the year again for another list of goals. Last year I had a 55% success rate, which isn't so great, but better than nothing! This year I tried to make my list more specific and straightforward, so hopefully that will help me achieve more throughout the year. Here goes nothing:

36 in 365 (Round Six):

Get Busy:
1. Grow more strawberries this summer.
2. Hit publish on my New Zealand recaps.
3. Write blog posts about Machu Picchu.
4. Keep hosting neighbourhood play dates.
5. Start writing in my One Line a Day journal.
6. Get professional family of four photos taken.
7. Watch Happiest Toddler on the Block with M.
8. Learn more about essential oils - eucalyptus? thieves?
9. Listen to and whittle down my This American Life podcast folder till it reaches 75 files.
10. Read these books before they hit theatres: Labor DayA Long Way DownDivergentDark Places, and This is Where I Leave You (5/5).

Get Organized:
11. Back up iPhone on a monthly basis (12/12).
12. Keep car info binder updated throughout the year.
13. Clean up iPhoto pictures and delete duplicates when uploading.

Get Crafty:
14. Send Christmas cards.
15. Decorate a cute nursery for baby 2.0.
16. Decorate a cute big girl room for Little m.
17. Print out my blog in book form at the end of the year.

Get Places:
Try the following six Chicago eateries:
18. Eataly
19. Hot Doug's
20. Kasia's Deli
21. Ann's Bakery (not impressed - stale bread, bad customer service)
22. d'Amatos Bakery
23. Hoosier Mama Pie (oh yes)
24. Plan a kickass family vacation.
25. Bring Little m skating on a regular basis.
26. Visit the spitting fountains in Millennium Park this summer.

Get Healthy:
27. Call my bff more.
28. Unplug one day a week.
29. Give Bama more attention.
30. Plan a date night once a month.
31. Win dietbets until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight.
32. Continue to win dietbets until I reach my goal weight for this year.
33. Keep doing my 20 pushups x 2 on my toes at Bar Method, even with a big baby belly.

Get Giving:
34. Host another new mom's group once baby 2.0 is here.
35. Get Little m involved in sponsoring a child at Christmastime.
36. Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen at least every other month (0/6).

Anything you're working towards this year? 

Edited to add on Jan 1, 2015:
Well, 21/36 goals completed on this year's list of goals. 58%, that's a pass!