Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too Much Clapping for One Day

A few weeks ago I had the interesting opportunity to be in the audience for a couple of TV shows - "Steven and Chris" and "The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos".

The tickets for these shows are free, you just have to show up! I got to the CTV studio, waited in line for a bit, then eventually got ushered into the studio. While waiting, I had the option of getting my makeup done! Oh la la. No thanks though, I'd rather not share makeup brushes with a million strangers :) The taping for Steven and Chris took over 3 hours, ugh! Way too long, but I think it was this way because they were starting a "Better Choices Challenge" and had a ton of guests. The only guest I knew was Arlene from the Dragon's Den tv show.
The hosts had to do a lot of their lines over and over until they were perfect. That was kind of annoying, not to mention that one of the guys looks like he's made from plastic. What is with that? It was also funny to see the hosts all jolly when the cameras were on, but as soon as they were off, the smiles disappeared. So fake. Ha. The best thing about Steven and Chris? I got lots of swag! Woo!

Next up was The Hour. This was fun.
I heart George. He had no retakes and seems to be the same person on and off camera. He talked a lot to the audience during commercial breaks. I want to be his friend. He had two guests on, a comedian (Gerry Dee from Last Comic Standing) and a FBI/military/political guy.
Overall it was a really fun day, although my hands hurt from clapping so much! Definitely something different and entertaining to do in Toronto if you have the time.

Next up, OPRAH! I will get tickets, I will get tickets...


  1. Think of me when you get tickets....I can be there in 6 hours!!! It would be a fun thing to do together!!

  2. George is everyone's boyfriend, he even says so. Love it. His radio show is awesome as well.

  3. I am so incredibly jealous. I love Steven and Chris - well, at least I love the hour I see on tv. Not sure I'd like the 3 hours it takes to shoot it. Disappointing but not surprising to think they are fake though. Did you know they are a couple in real life? Perhaps they were fighting that day - lol. :)

    As for George. If Eddie Vedder turns down my proposal in my next life, George is my next choice. So adorable!

    Again - so jealous!!

  4. We went to the Rick Mercer show and it was awesome! Probably much like Stroumbo. I would probably go see Steven & Chris if I was bound and gagged and full of roofies.