Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bama, Short for Alabama

I am not an animal person. It's not that I dislike animals, I just don't love them like some people do. And I think people who dress their dogs up in clothing are weird :) BUT, I must admit, I have fallen hard for M's roommate's dog - Bama. He's a black lab and the sweetest and gentlest doggy I've ever met!
He's so dark in colour that he kinda disappears when you try and take a picture of him!
I love taking him out for walks, but am not into the cleaning up part since he's a very large dog, which makes something else very large as well. That's M's job! It's nice having a companion to snuggle up with on the couch, that's for sure.

If I were to get a dog I'd have to wait until I have kids and a house. Even then, I'm not sure because a pet is such a huge commitment and I like to travel a little too much. At least you can bring kids with you when you go away, but a dog, not so much. Ah well, something to contemplate in the future...


  1. Oh J.... I can see you with a doggie some day!! I agree with the picking up after though ... it's kind of gross.... but better than leaving it there!!

  2. Having pets is one of the most fulfilling things you could ever do! Sure, you have to pick up after them and take them out for walks and exercise and all that stuff, but it's SO worth it! You should definitely consider it :-)

  3. Its hard to have a dog when both people work - especially one as big as that one. He's purdy though :)

  4. Dog's are great and can be very cuddly...Skeet's cuddly and enjoys people..just a little hyper. Bama is adorable and looks like a very nice Doggy! He must sense your quiet and relaxed personality and so he's gentle with you!