Friday, January 29, 2010

My Poor Aching Back

Five years ago M and I bought a beautiful new king sized bed. I hate touching anyone while I'm trying to get my beauty rest, so having my own space is key. King is the way to go, I love my bed so much!

But.. now my back's a little achy in the mornings and lumps and bumps developed in the mattress, which have now turned into two big divots where our bodies fit, while the rest of the bed is still plump and cushy. I did some investigation and found that body impressions up to 1.5 inches are normal, but anything more than that is considered sagging, which is covered under the warranty. You can see in the picture below how the very middle of the bed is more cushiony than the sides, since no over ever sleeps on that spot.

The first thing I did was google Sleep Country warranty reviews and came up with so many horror stories, I thought there was no way we were getting a new mattress. I went ahead anyway and contacted Sleep Country who sent me to a website to do an online claim. I had to take a bunch of pictures to show the depth of the sagging, the box spring, bed frame, plus that little ticket that says do not remove. I always wondered about those tickets.

It was a frustrating process because maneuvering a king sized bed by myself proved to be a little difficult! It didn't help that I decided to do this at 6:30am before work. Taking a clear picture while holding a ruler was not fun either. And the website was so specific, I was afraid my pictures wouldn't be acceptable!
I also had to answer a whole set of questions, such as how regularly I turn my mattress and if it has ever been moved to a different house, which yes, ours has. I thought for sure this was going to be the loophole they'd use - telling us our bed was damaged through the moving process. I'm such a negative Nancy :)

The day after I submitted a claim I received a call saying I could get a new bed! I should have had a little faith! The entire time I was thinking they were out to screw me over. I went to Sleep Country, was shown the new and improved version of our bed and it's being delivered next week. Lickety split! In and out in five minutes flat.

Yay for excellent warranty coverage and good customer service! Sleep Country Canada, why buy a mattress anywhere else?


  1. Perfect!!! Oh my gosh J you are a trooper!! Doing everything you did all by yourself is amazing! I always wondered about the little "Do not remove" tags on mattresses, etc and now I know!! Good for you!!!! Happy sleeping when your new mattress arrives!!! Yeah, Sleep Country!!!

  2. Are you extremely happy today, Marn?
    18 exclamation marks? lol :)

  3. I sure am!!!! The sun is shining in PL and I'm alive and well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good to know! Cause as you know I have the same mattress as you guys. Thankfully no problems with it though.

    I love my bed!!