Thursday, February 26, 2009

RIP dear plant...

I watered you.
I fed you.
I indirect sunned you.

Why? Why?? What am I doing wrong? Why is my thumb black, not green? How can you turn so quickly from this to this:

Goodbye. RIP.


  1. Plants come to our condo to die, it's just a fact. =(

  2. Oh that looks so familiar!

    May I recommend silk plants :)

    Seriously - it may be the soil or maybe too much water, not enough plant food.

    What was it anyway?

  3. You should ask Stacey... she has the best luck with her plants... I think she talks to them or something.... her plants are beautiful no matter where they are in her house...

  4. Jill all I do is water my plants like once a month when I notice that I've forgotten about them, so I'm not much help :)

  5. I think I have an idea for cause of death - our condo is just too cold! We have not put on the heat very often this winter because we're cheap, so perhaps she froze to death?? Also there is no hole to let water out of the bottom of the planter, this could be another problem.

    Marina - I'm not sure what kind it was! I threw out it's label and directions (first mistake).

    Stace - perhaps the key is not over-watering!