Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Okay, here are 25 perhaps not so interesting things about me! Enjoy.

1. I am proud to be part Belgian! Many people have told me I am the only Belgian they have met! And then they ask me if I like waffles and chocolate.

2. I once had the nickname "Three Mile Smile". I was not happy about it. Why didn't my parents give me chapstick?

3. I often spell words inside my head over and over again. It's comforting.

4. M. tells me there is a spot on my tattoo that needs to be touched up but I don't want to go through the pain again - plus I never get to see it up close.

5. I don't like teaching kids over the age of 9.

6. I can't wait to be pregnant but I don't want kids for another couple of years.

7. I think hockey hands is one of the worst smells EVER.

8. I don't like talking on the phone to people I don't know well - I'd much rather email.

9. I am addicted to reading blogs! There are about 20 I check on a daily basis!

10. I can't go to bed without gouping vaseline all over my lips and hands.

11. I wish I lived much closer to my family and friends.

12. I could probably eat sushi everyday for a year. Not the chewy stuff though.

13. I hold my nose under water by scrunching up my lips to cover my nostrils. Therefore, I hate when people use goggles because they probably notice how weird I look.

14. I think my parents are the best parents in the entire world.

15. I still rock out to "Zombie" by The Cranberries whenever I hear it.

16. I am not used to saying "husband" yet. It makes me feel old.

17. I wear my Lululemon pants practically every day after work. Best investment ever.

19. I would like to throw our TV out the window most days.

20. I will make sure my kids know the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire theme song. For the longest time I thought the words were "In West Ville Anelvia".

21. Dallas Green speaks to my soul.

22. I would gladly rid myself of all material possessions in order to travel around the world.

23. I like flat pop.

24. One day I hope I get chosen to go on "What Not To Wear".

25. Ear plugs are one of the best inventions ever made.

Wow, that was painful...


  1. I want to see how you hold your nose with your lips scrunched... interesting.. I thought you were just making faces back then.....
    Three Mile Smile..... your brothers weren't very nice to you, were they???? I think G had the same problem.... did they make chapstick back then???
    You probably thought that when you left home you wouldn't need ear plugs anymore... M changed that, didn't he??
    I wish you lived closer also... I miss you alot ... I'm glad we are able to get together and do special things.
    Have we seen you Lululemon pants? Not sure what they look like....
    You're the best daughter ever!!!
    I'm going to look up the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Flat pop is the best.... I love shaking my pop up to make it flat!!

  2. I don't like teaching kids over the age of 9 either. I had grade 6 today :( I'm glad you wear your lululemons everday... gotta make it worth the money you must have spent on them! I'd nominate you for "What Not To Wear" but when they saw me, they'd probably change their minds and give me the wardrobe makeover instead.

    P.S. So do you like waffles and chocolate? ♥

  3. "Three Mile Smile" eh? Well I guess we know where your obession with chapstick came from. FYI - Being pregnant is great. Did you get the email with my new ultrasound? I second your feeling about hockey hands. I still have nightmares after borrowing a pair in elementary school. I thought the smell would never go away. The Cranberries RULE!!! I have about 20 songs by them on my Ipod.

  4. Mom:
    Of course they made chapstick back then! In Gr. 3 Mrs. Gormley felt so bad for me she said I could go up to her desk and use hers anytime I was dying from the pain!

    I don't need the ear plugs because of M. luckily - mostly either crazy construction outside, or the infrequent Rock Band playing from next door.

    Lululemon is just a store that sells yoga/athletic wear mostly. You would know the pants - comfy black jogging type.

    Who doesn't like chocolate and waffles! Putting them together isn't too bad either!

    I think that nickname is definitely where my addiction stems from... I didn't want that to ever happen again, so I maybe overdid it?! Love the new pics.

  5. Okay... Stacey told me what the words for the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire were..... I laughed when she told me..... tell M I'm sorry that I insinuated it was him that made you love earplugs..... I think I would love a pair of lululemon pants.... maybe the next time I come to the big city I can get some....