Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Secret Valentines

Secret Valentine time has come once again! Every year at work we choose names and give little gifts during the week leading up to Valentine's Day. This year it was optional and I was seriously thinking of not participating for two reasons:

1) Last year I got my Valentine cute things each day and did not get a single thank you in return.
2) The person who had my name last year gave me a super ugly dollar store candle on the very last day, when you are supposed to spend between $10-15 and spread the gifts out throughout the week. All week I thought my name had gotten lost in the shuffle or something, but no...

These reasons may make me sound very selfish, but it's discouraging when you put effort into your gifts and get nothing in return. It's not even the gifts that matter, as long as some thought is put into it. Okay, fine, I'm over it, but hopefully this year will be better! I almost erased that lady's name from the sign up list because I guess she spends only $1 each year, it wasn't just me.
Anyway, tonight I baked cookies for my Secret Valentine, plus a few other people, plus one for myself, and I saved a little cookie dough for M. It's harder to make heart shaped cookies than I thought!

1 comment:

  1. The cookies look yummy and heartshaped... wow!! You are becoming quite the little baker!!! I know what you mean about secret valentines, etc. We do secret Santa here and I got ripped off more times than not so now I don't do it anymore.... Bah Humbug!!!