Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

I am happy to say that I got great surprises from my Secret Valentine this year! My faith has been restored! Here are the pretty flowers I got one morning - I just love how they look when they're cut short like this. Next time I buy flowers, I'm going to do this!

I thought for sure the person who had my name was this male teacher, but I was wrong! As soon as I read the note below, I knew who it was! I have yard duty with the teacher who is in the room beside me one morning per week, so we talk about this and that while waiting for the bell. There was only one teacher I told about Vegas plus my bad experience with Secret Valentine last year, so I knew it had to be her! Very cute. And if you know my full last name, you will understand how it rhymes with afternooon-ee!

We also had a potluck lunch for Valentine's Day. It was yummy! Isn't ribbon jello the best? Here's a very flattering picture me, my chins and my favourite gal! It's just so typically her!

Happy Family Day!

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  1. Ribbon jello!! I love it ... I should make some for our next get together.... Aren't you glad you did the secret Valentine?? It's nice to have friends at work!! Hope you are having fun this Family Day weekend!!