Sunday, February 8, 2009

6 (Wonderful?!) Years

Happy anniversary to us! I have officially been with my Buddy for 6 years today although it feels like 60! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing! Have we changed much?

Winter 2003 at M.'s house on Erb Street

Summer 2008 in Thailand

Today we went out for lunch to celebrate - although I didn't realize we were supposed to be celebrating until after we got home. He's the one who likes numbers, ok, not me! Do people still celebrate their old dating anniversary after they have a new wedding anniversary? I like to celebrate just about anything, so I don't mind having two special days... as long as I can remember them...

Tonight we went out for a friend's birthday and it was fun.. except the guy sitting beside me did not say one word the whole night and was using his blackberry the ENTIRE time. I noticed he suddenly put it away after we were discussing how rude it was.. but maybe by that time he was finished his important business.. people these days.


  1. He was so annoying with his was driving me CRAZY! His wife wasn't any better either.....some people!

  2. Michelle GrenvilleFebruary 08, 2009 2:35 PM

    Oh...I'm Anonymous (Mich). I don't know what it says that.

  3. Yay, Michy! Thanks for commenting!

    I know... I was ready to start a fight with him last night, he was just plain weird! haha

  4. You guys have changed so much...... for the better...ha ha.... I hope that the guy got the message about the blackberry but probably not... Maybe he was secretly taking pictures of the pretty lady sitting beside him!!

  5. I love each and every Valentine's Day when your dad sends your mom flowers to celebrate the day that they got ENGAGED!! You are blessed to have such wonderful and loving parents!

  6. Brad and I still celebrate the day we met and the day we got engaged. And we always will. Why not? Those are life changing events that deserve to be celebrated! Don't stop :)

    I think Mike was 12 when he started dating you though!! :)