Sunday, March 1, 2009

Michy and The Bear

Last week Michy and The Bear came over for dinner! Good times! They are seriously the cutest couple ever. When you think of a couple that is PERFECT for each other, this is Michy and Bear!

Last August they got married and it was the first Jewish wedding I've ever been to! Quite possibly also the last Jewish wedding I'll be invited to, but who knows what the future holds. It's quite sad actually because I LOVE THE HORA!

I was kind of nervous about this whole Hora thing, but then I practiced before the wedding with some of the other bridesmaids and got the hang of it! It was intense! All I can say is wear good shoes, because at one point someone stepped on my foot, my sandal fell off, and was afraid I'd be trampled! Ah, so much fun!

Beautiful Michy

I had to put this last picture in because as I was perusing Facebook for some pics (I hope it's ok that I stole some, Michy) I noticed this one. If you look near the bottom left corner, look at my face! That sums it up perfectly!


  1. And you looked lovely that night too - Brad and I were at your place when you guys got home - exhausted!!

    Greek weddings (yes, just like the movie) are fun too - similar, but with more booze, I'm thinking ;)

  2. What an experience..... I hope you have more like it... lots of friends and fun...