Monday, February 9, 2009

Multicultural Lunch Day

Today at my afternoon school it was "Multicultural Lunch" day. I told this to M. who was confused and questioned whether or not everyday is multicultural lunch day when you're in Toronto. This much is true, but today was special.

All of the parents brought in a dish from their culture and set it up buffet style. There was so much food, it filled 3 cafeteria tables. There were little signs to tell you what the ingredients were and what the food was called. So well organized, I couldn't believe it. I can't even imagine this working at my morning school. Although the schools are only 2 minutes apart, the communities are completely different.
Below is a picture of the dessert table. Craziness! I finally got to try these little gelatinous ball thingies that are filled with red bean. M and I were just looking at them at an Asian grocery store on the weekend and I've always wanted to try them. They were pretty good!

Usually I am a germaphobe and don't like to eat food that is made in other people's homes (that I don't know), but I tried hard not to think about that. I was so happy not to make a lunch today! We are having a pot luck at my morning school on Thursday.. oh dear, not the best week for clean eating! But I did lose 2 pounds last week!


  1. The food looks so awesome. Just like you, I'm not one to try food that has come from a home that I don't know. It's just a weird thing... everytime a student offers me something homebaked at school I take it so I don't hurt their feelings but then I always throw it away when they have left my office. I even have to lie sometimes when they ask me how I liked it. I give you credit Jill for trying some food today. t looks like a nice school... I'm anxious to see how your other school makes out.

  2. Yes Michy, it started on Monday! I have Chloe, so I've secretly been asking her what she's craving with her pregnancy! hehe - ketchup chips!

    I think that Justin has me - he regifted a gift that I had regifted for the Christmas exchange. Does that make sense? Anyway,so now I have my old gift back and I guess I'll regift it at next year's holiday party :)

  3. Michelle GrenvilleFebruary 18, 2009 5:37 PM

    J...are you doing secret valentine's this year? I always loved that! The lunch looked like a lot of fun...what a great idea! I miss seeing you everyday at's just not the same :(.