Sunday, February 22, 2009

Listen to Oceanship

Last night M. and I went downtown to the shittiest of the shit holes, Holy Joes. This whole place is quite disgusting and because it was snowy, the stairwell had puddles everywhere. Ew. To get to Holy Joes you have to walk through the Reverb, which seems to feature screaming bands a lot. I was scared. It sounded demonic. M quite enjoyed it.

Anyway, once you get into Holy Joes it's a little better and there's couches and chairs and Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. And no screaming, thank goodness. We were there to see one of our favourite Indie bands, Oceanship. Here's the video for one of their songs, Hotblack.

We've been listening to this band for many years now and this was the first show they played in Canada for a long while! So good. Carly is absolutely amazing on the piano, I just like watching her fingers the entire time.

They have been played on The Edge a couple of times now, will be playing live at 228 Yonge soonish, and have a free show at The Horseshoe on April 14th. Who wants to go?!


  1. I'd love to go! Can't see it happening though...

    I've only been to the Horseshoe the one time with the two of you. I'm due to go back :)

  2. Just had a chance to listen to the video.... sounds good.... I can see why you like this group!!

  3. I've seen Oceanship! ...with you... at Holy Joe's =p

    I agree, the Reverb was sketchy-sketch-ville when we had to walk through there but I liked the atmosphere of Holy Joe's. Also, the Christmas lights are super pretty there =D

  4. Oceanship sounds awful live. Brad Lyons looks like he's pinching out a loaf singing and a cat caught in a car engine.