Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is a Slippery Drink?

Let's face it, out of an entire year, Toronto gets maybe 4 months where the sun shines on a consistent basis. This is purely a guess. Do you think it is about right? When I asked M. what he thought about this statement he got all analytical on me and started talking about daylight savings and cloud coverage.

Where I am going with this is... Vitamin D. Many doctors say we do not get enough Vitamin D especially in the winter months. Okay, fine, so I started adding it to the daily vitamins that I take.

I bought Vitamin D in tablet form. Big mistake. You know what this means right? Stickage in the throat. The Vitamin D tablet is literally the smallest pill I've ever seen, but the other morning, a horrible thing happened. It got stuck in the roof of my mouth and fully dissolved. I didn't know what to do. I started gagging and other unpleasant things happened. I have been traumatized!

my hand is MASSIVE!

What is my problem! It's a tiny pill! How could it possibly get stuck? I believe I have a phobia of pills dissolving in my mouth, and it makes me all stressed out... When I'm about to swallow the pill I get nervous, and it ends up getting stuck somewhere. What is a girl to do?

I brought this situation up in the staff room today. Here are the suggestions:
1) take pills with "slippery" drinks (????)
2) shove the pill into your mouth when there's already water in there and then take another sip (done and done)
3) throw your head back like in the movies
4) dissolve the pill in water in a shot glass, then chug it back

Any suggestions? Or just get Vitamin D in capsule form next time?


  1. If you can get a pill in a capsule form get it!! You are your mother's daughter!!! Crush the pill up and eat it with applesauce!!

  2. I really feel your pain..... also reminded me that I bought some Vitamin D pills and should start taking them......

  3. They are the smallest pills in the world - but i have never got one stuck to the roof of my mouth. Yuck!

    They must come in capsule form but truthfully I find capsules harder to swallow....

  4. you poor girl! I couldn't take tylenol until I was in grade 9 or 10. My mom used to crush it up and mix it with my jam on my toast. Couldn't taste it at all.

    Sometimes for big pills, I get my throat ready first by taking a quick swig of water (to wet the esophogus haha) and then take another mouthful of water, slip the pill in and take it all down in one swallow. It does the trick for me. Good luck!