Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Hockey Star Husband

Tonight I went to see M. play hockey again, what a star. First, we got to the arena as the game was starting because the highway was so backed up. Then M. forgot his hockey clothes at home, so he had to wear dress socks in his skates. Luckily he got to borrow someone's "Choppers Forever" t-shirt after his shower. It would have been funnier if he walked out of the change room topless, but the skeleton riding a motorcycle on the shirt is pretty sweet.

His team is not what I would call good, and M. says the picture above "shows how thirsty I was after my team hung me out to dry". Poor Buddy, I've never seen so many breakaways in my life.

Anyway, I made an amazing discovery tonight! How did I not know about this magic little button until now?


  1. Jill - do you pace behind his net like a mother lion like I used to do? ;)

  2. I love that button... I hope I can find one the next time I go to an arena.... M looks so thirsty...and what a woman you are for going to see your husband play hockey again.... you could be home reading a good book or taking a bath.. lol