Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Tribute to my Bestie

I am so thankful to have my BFF, M.T. in my life! Coming from a family with only brothers, I have no idea what it's like to have a sister, but I think it would be similar to having a best friend.

M.T. and I met on the first day of grade nine in gym class. I think the first time I slept over at her house she told me I fell asleep during the movie and started snoring. How embarrassing. I basically lived at her house during the summers, where we spent a lot of time looking out her front window at the boys across the street. And other fun things I'm sure.

It's sometimes surprising that we're still friends. I switched to a new high school in Grade 10, went boy crazy and kinda abandoned her in Grade 11, a few years later went away to University, then moved away to Toronto, etc. etc. etc. She moved to London, we each had a new group of friends, grew apart, but eventually found each other again. I am so glad we did!

M.T. is beautiful inside and out. She has the cutest giggle that is contagious and she really should be a comedian. She is so generous, understanding, a great listener, and I could keep going on forever. Her family is so wonderful. I love going over to her mom's house and just sitting and talking for hours!

See, she makes me laugh a lot.

She is also a great mom and her son is one of the cutest little boys ever to exist. He takes after his mom.
Look at those cheeks.

If I can count properly, I think we'll be coming up to our 14th anniversary in September! That calls for a celebration!

Now... if only she had a computer so she could read all about herself on my blog!


  1. You are so lucky to have a friend like Michelle. She is so funny and nice... I remember how much fun we had in Cuba the year that we all went. It makes me laugh when I think of all the funny things that happened there. I wish you could see Michelle more often.... and I agree... her family is the best!!! Kim is like your second mom.

  2. her kid is so friggen cute!

  3. That was such a nice post Jill! I called my sister right away and read it aloud to her! She loved it and giggled while I read it.