Friday, January 30, 2009

Queen of the Stairs

Does this look like something out of your nightmares?

Not to me! This is the set of stairs I run at Extreme Fitness. I snuck my camera in there with me this morning. Actually, I didn't have to sneak at all, because I am usually the only one ever using them. I don't think most people even know they are there because it's down a SHORT hallway, near an emergency exit. Maybe that's why I like it so much - very peaceful. I try to stay on the side where people could potentially see me if I fall and break my legs.

It is indeed very dark - 2 of the lights are on the fritz. There has been a Second Cup cup laying around since November, and the doors let in quite the breeze when it's windy. You can still faintly hear the club music pumping.

This week I have been running 60 sets, and this may seem like a lot to you.. but considering I was doing between 75-100 (in the same amount of time and with less difficulty) before the wedding, it's not that good at all. But it is getting easier already.

Yesterday, I was having lunch with the CYW I worked with last year and was telling her how I started exercising again. She said she was so proud last year when I came to school and announced, "I am Queen of the Stairs!" Well... right now I am no longer Queen, but I will be soon!


  1. Wow - yes, that does look like my worst nightmare! But good for you and good luck!

    Just please tell me you always have your cell phone with you - deserted areas are not always safe.....

  2. Yes... I agree with Marina..... make sure you have your cell phone and id with you..... I envy your enthusiasm. You will soon be Queen of the Stairs again!!

  3. A little more paranoid than necessary. You'd understand if you've seen the area where this staircase is, barely out of earshot of the gym and next to the daycare.

  4. Okay, okay, stop worrying!

    The hallway isn't that long, only about 30 feet! The change room is right at the end of the hallway, so I see guys walking past all the time. It's just that unless you look down that hallway, no one can see you. I'm sure if I yelled, someone would hear me!

    And M. the daycare wouldn't really help since it's not open until 9am.

  5. Oh just wait till you are parents and you turn into a ninny too :)