Monday, January 12, 2009

Social Music

1) I swear, everyday the kids ask me if it's a Social Studies or Music day. It's been the same since September, you'd think they might know. Well, I decided to trick them and make it a Social Music day. They made chants about Pioneers and performed them. I liked this one. It is brilliantly titled, "Pioneers are Boring and Fun".
Sorry if you can't read it - it says: Pioneers are very boring. They always make shoes. They cut down trees. They live in wooden houses. Pioneers are sometimes fun. They squash lots of corns. They also build forts. This is the pioneer life.


2) Okay, now, I know the two of you who are reading this are wondering about my progress for 36 in 365. Oh no, you weren't?
Well... so far so good. This month I have started putting together the birthday calendar, began a grateful journal, flossed and washed my face every night since the 4th, organized wedding stuff to begin a scrapbook, bought lots of scrapbook goodies, and almost finished a honeymoon album (thanks to M's help). Oh, and this, which I am very proud of:Yay! I have two new plants, and repotted them tonight in the pots that have been sitting empty for a year. Pray for their survival.

One more thing - does anyone actually FLOSS every single night? It's such a pain in the ass. I really want to make a new goal of flossing everyday for a year, rather than a month, just to see if I can do it.


  1. I think that is a great way to learn about pioneers... not so boring.... If you are anything like me I don't give much hope to your plants... sorry.... Should we start a pool going?? How long will they live??? As far as flossing goes... have you ever thought about getting a water pik? It works wonders and it seems to be much easier than flossing.

  2. They teased me at work when I got pregnant with Mike that they hoped I had more success with babies than I did with plants - and clearly I did. Good for you!

    And dont believe the flossing hype- as a dental assistant for 14 years I rarely saw someone who flossed every day

  3. I just realized how close your mother and mother-in-law's names are....interesting. Marnie may not have much luck with plants but the beautiful flowers that your dad sent her at work yesterday look wonderful!!!

  4. Josh flosses his teeth every single morning and every single night. I'm not even exagerating. He has done this as long as we've been together (over 10 years now). He is very dedicated.

  5. Alison, I am flabbergasted! Josh is my hero! I never would have guessed he'd be so particular about his oral hygiene. Good on him! Wow... twice a day... wow...

  6. I live the social music idea. Kids would love that.