Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Odd Couple

My mom sent me this video today on YouTube. Go watch it if you like elephants, dogs, animals in general, or just nice things!

That is all!

Wait, one more thing - hypothetically speaking, of course - would you send your five year old child to school with a 2 litre container of orange juice for a snack? Just wondering...


  1. I remember the days of having to provide a 'healthy' snack for my kids going to school and some days, man, all there was in the house was cookies and junk, not a piece of fruit in sight, and yes, maybe I found a 2 litre jug of orange juice stuck in the back of the fridge, but damned if I had a smaller container for my kid to take a few ounces with him, so yeah, he took the jug!!

    Kidding - but I'd sympathize. She tried :)

    Just hope the kid was in diapers ;)

  2. Maybe the child was supposed to share with his teacher!! I'm glad you liked the video... I thought it was pretty amazing.

  3. I thought it was so funny, he was just chugging back the OJ! He's also the smallest kid in the class, so the container was about half the size of him!