Friday, January 2, 2009

Game Night

One word. Mouse Trap. Wait, that's two words, but wow, what a great game!

Last night was an intense game night with the newly engaged C and R. I wish I had taken a closeup of the ring, it is absolutely beautiful! I am so excited for this crazy couple and their destination wedding next year!

We played games for a solid six hours, it was quite the night. We warmed up with Scattergories, followed by some intense rounds of Taboo. Clearly R and I would have won if the boys hadn't been cheating. You tell me. Is jelly fish the same as jelly??? I thought not. Next, we built Mouse Trap, and what started off as a slow game became quite the fight to the finish. Ah, you gotta love the malfunctioning pieces that saved my poor mousy another round! Then the all time fave - Cranium, and a nice cool down with Yahtzee. I swear, who gets three yahtzees in one round? Geez.

All in all, a great night with great friends! Why couldn't we live closer to each other?

In other news, M. found out this morning that he passed half of his exam, so he gets a bonus and raise! But.. still has to rewrite it next November. Bah.


  1. I get 3 yahtzees, that's who! And by saying Jellyfish I said Jelly...winner, and still champion!

  2. Congrats to C and R!! Such a cute couple and they were both super nice at your wedding. Mike, stop cheating (at games... not your exams. Congrats on the exams part.. woot)!

  3. That sounds like so much fun.... I remember how much fun we had at our family Christmas playing the two games that we did .... I laughed so much and so hard that night!!!

    Congratulations to Mike on his exam!!

  4. ....and they made fun of us for wanting Mousetrap for Christmas ;)