Friday, January 23, 2009

Go Get A Massage

Today was good. No, great! It started off with a massage, followed by a pedicure, then some reading in bed.. well you get the picture!

Now that I am an old married lady, I have good benefits! Yes, I realize that I am very lucky! My work covers $7 per massage (whoopee) but M's covers 80% - so when you put this all together, I end up paying less than $10 for an hour massage. It is so worth it.

If your benefits package covers massage therapy, and you are not taking advantage of it, I will personally come to your house and shake some sense into you. If you don't have benefits, please ignore what I'm saying.

Take for example, my wonderful husband, who is too "busy" to go to the doctors and get a prescription for massages. This would seriously take him about twenty minutes, then the life of massages could be his! I think he is crazy! And for anyone who is thinking they are too busy to go get a massage - it's only an hour, once a month. You are worth it!

Now, I do not normally splurge on things like pedicures, but after taking a look at my toes for the first time since summer, I was very frightened. I found a place close to home that does pedicures for under $30. Is this a good price? The best part though - they make you fresh fruit smoothies while you're sitting there! Yum!

Yup, today was good.
Aren't feet beautiful things? Next time I'm going for HOT pink!

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  1. I better get working on getting a massage through your dad's company.... Pretty toes.. certainly not inherited from your mom!!