Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pizza+Hot Dogs= YUM

I love pizza. I love hot dogs too. What I love the most though, is when you put the two together!

When M. and I were in Thailand this summer, we were really craving something to eat other than rice and some mystery sauce. We decided to look for a pizza place, and found the best invention ever made!


Who would have thought such a thing existed?! Not only do you get your delicious Hawaiian pizza, but you get a little mini hot dog in each crust too! They even sent us ketchup!

Mmm, what a meal!

These, on the other hand, didn't really do it for me.


  1. For me, that would be the perfect snack.... I love pizza and I love hotdogs...... maybe some fried onions on the side....hmmm hmmm good... maybe you could start up a new business in TO.....

  2. not only was that a hot dog, it was a cheese dog! Those fry chips weren't very good, but when you are stuck in the rain you'll pretty much eat anything

  3. That's really gross G!
    Let's face it Marn, the only thing that would make this combo better is if the pizza was also topped with packets of butter.

  4. All that the pizza needed was some lean ground beef like in the good old days!!

  5. Hey G.... that's a great idea about the butter!!! I love butter!!!