Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Fresh Start

I will miss you 2008. You were a great year! I really loved you.

BUT don't fresh, new starts feel so good? Full of hope. 2009 is going to be a good one, I can just feel it.

This year, I have goals. Not resolutions because I never keep those, but goals. I am going to make something of myself this year. For sure. I will call it "36 in 365". I started listing some things I want to achieve this year and came up with 36 of them. So far. I will bold them when they're complete. Here they are:

Get Busy
1. Take a wine tasting class.
2. Take a cooking class (Close enough - I start one in January).
3. Read five non-fiction books (5/5): The Film Club, Against Medical Advice, Multiple Blessings, Up Till Now, sTORI Telling
4. Reread the entire Harry Potter series before the next movie (7/7).
5. Read Jane Eyre.
6. Make a homemade cherry pie (Does apple count?).
7. Play a Euro boardgame with M. once a month (4/12).
8. Write in a greatful journal everyday for a month.

Get Crafty
9. Put together a birthday/anniversary calendar.
10. Print pictures and put them in frames.
11. Get two plants for my pots and keep them alive (2/2).
12. Make a wedding scrapbook.
13. Create a Blurb honeymoon album.
14. Send a postcard to Post Secret.

Get Giving
15. Send 6 cards via snail mail for no particular reason (0/6).
16. Write an email to a friend once per week (5/52).
17. Pay 12 strangers compliments (0/12).
18. Pay for someone in the drive thru behind me.
19. Send flowers to someone anonymously.

Get Healthy
20. Floss my teeth every day for a month (and try to continue it).
21. Wash my face before bed every day for a month (and try to continue it).
22. Complete the couch to 5k program.
23. Run a 5k race and not get lost.
24. Learn how to skate.
25. Complete the 100 pushup challenge.
26. Go rock climbing.
27. Break my bathroom habit.

Get Places
28. Take a completely random and spontaneous road trip. (Camping!)
29. Go on a picnic.
30. Try Ethiopian food.
31. Go to a drive-in movie.
32. See a Cirque du Soleil show.
33. Go to the Grand Canyon.
34. Go on a hike.
35. Go to the Toronto Islands.
36. Check out the Beaches.

What do you think? Anyone want to join me with their own list?


  1. Great goals. I have a few myself, but there definitely aren't 36. What is a bathroom habit?? And when you typed "Go to the Grand Canyon, I thought I read Grand Caymans" and I was like.... I'll help you with that goal! hahaha. Someday... someday.

    I can't wait to read about you everyday haha. *creepy* xo -Sarah

  2. Oooo I really like this idea Jill! You set some pretty interesting and intriging goals! I like them and it has got me thinking about mine for 2009! I look forward to reading your Blog and will keep it in my "favourite" to check regulary! Love ya sista from another motha

  3. Okay Sarah, here is the scoop on my weird bathroom habit. I feel the need to go to the bathroom RIGHT before I go to sleep, even if I've just gone 10 minutes earlier. It's unnecessary. I gotta stop it.

  4. Lots of goals! Good luck to you =)

    I have one: Catch up on my own blog. I'm only 10 months behind - no problem!

  5. I would love to share my "secret" recipe for cherry pie. I know how much you love my cherry pie!!! You should come home one weekend and we could have a cherry pie making night.... and then you could make your own when you go back to TO.

  6. Very ambitious list G.
    3) Try The Film Club by David Gilmour - a finalist for the 2008 Charles Taylor award.
    25) G, I hope you don't mean girl pushups.
    27) You've got issues.
    28) Why not take a completely random trip to Woodstock and babysit our bambino.