Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Fails in One Day

I've lived in Toronto for just over four years and have never been to the annual Santy Claus Parade. It's sort of a big thing I guess, or used to be anyway. This was going to be the year. The weather was nice, M and I went downtown, secured a terrible spot since we didn't line up hours ahead of time, and waited. And waited. And oh my, waited some more. First a bunch of police cars with sirens went by. I thought, this must be it! No.. 15 minutes later two vans drove by with a bunch of clowns. Yay, it's finally happening, so I thought. NO. 15 minutes later a transport truck came, no decorations, and then parked for five minutes. What the? Next came two more transport trucks and more clowns. I couldn't handle it any longer. No Santy Claus for me. What a disappointment :(

Yep, still nothin coming!

We actually had to leave because we had tickets to Toxic Avenger, the musical. They were giving away free tickets to all the shows. I knew it must be really bad - nothing is free, especially in Toronto. Aaand, yes it was quite horrid. A solid 1/10. M said his artsy high school could have put on a better show and I believe it. It was just.. not good.

So yeah, that was my Sunday. At least the swirly pancakes turned out.


  1. Ah.... what a disappointment that must have been!! And two in one day!!! Maybe Chicago will have a great Santa Claus parade!!

  2. Well no wonder the parade was late - its nowhere near Christmas - obviously Santa was confused ;)