Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going Away Festivities

This week is busy busy. M is trying to get all packed and ready for Chicago. Wait, who am I kidding.. I am trying to get M all packed and ready for Chicago. Sometimes he needs a little motivation. For example, he's had a pile of shirts to be dry cleaned for at least 6 months now. He talked about bringing them in on Monday. That didn't happen. Now it's too late so he'll be packing dirty shirts. Don't even get me started on the towel rack he broke two years ago and hasn't gotten around to fixing. MEN. End of rant.

Anyway. I'm throwing M a going away party and I'm trying to decide what kind of food to make for our guests.

The plan so far:

1) Taco Dip/Nachos (a must)
2) Bacon wrapped water chestnuts (serious yum)
3) Pumpernickel and spinach dip (it's not a party without this)
4) Apple caramel cream cheese dip (heck yeah)

And what else? Gimme some ideas! What's your favourite party food?


  1. Jumbo shrimp and dip.... I love it and it's easy!!!

  2. I must apologize for M's procrastination - he comes by it honestly. Why do today what you can put off...........indefinitely ;)

    Now for snacks - I'm a big fan of mini pizzas - pita and hummus - and sweet and sour meatballs!

    I'd say throw in a veggie platter but since its likely mostly guys, you know they'll skip over that :)

  3. Cream Cheese and pepper jelly! So easy. Or little slices of tomatoes with mozza cheese. You can make them one biters. If you feel like something hot do stuffed mushrooms. You can prepare them early and then just shove them in the oven when you are ready to make them. Hope that helps.

  4. I'm a big fan of deviled eggs... I know, I'm weird like that! HAVE FUN

  5. Michelle GrenvilleNovember 25, 2009 9:44 PM

    All men are the same Jilly Bean...Hehe!!! I don't know what it is! :)

    Everything sounds so yummy! We'll bring something sweet and tasty! :)