Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marking The Night Away

Tonight I spent at least five hours marking. Ahhh, what a relief to have most of it done. Now I can start writing report cards, yippee! For the last two weeks I've had a bin of work sitting beside my desk to take home and I've forgotten it every day (on purpose some days I'm sure).

Here's what my floor looks like and it's almost midnight. I must get to bed!

Usually I do all my work at school because I like to have that division between work and home life. Sometimes it's just impossible though! Do you have the type of job where you have to take work home?


  1. Well as you know I work at home so there is no separation. However, there is also no traffic and no one steals my lunch from the lunchroom. Oh wait, sorry - that does happen ;)

    I don't know a teacher on the planet who doesn't bring their work home J - its the nature of the business unless you want to stay at school till 7 at night.

  2. I remember when I played basketball, parents who were teachers and were there watching their children play would bring their papers to mark and sometimes if they were lucky, their other children would help them put stickers on the tests and check marks......hint hint ;) OR get a student teacher and there is instant help right there!!!!!

    The joys of teaching....aren't they great!

  3. Sometimes for my own sanity I have to bring work home... I just need the peace and quiet without all the interruptions. It's a great feeling when you are all caught up!!

  4. Haha,
    I have a teacher who always complains when
    she sets us an assignment.
    I've told her to just not set us assignments (haha) but she just laughs and then takes another headache pill.

    Can I 'follow' your blog?
    You don't have a button thing to do that.
    You should add one (: