Sunday, November 8, 2009


This weekend the skittle rum and bacon vodka were filtered. It was quite the process, let me tell you. It was compelling to watch.

First, the bacon vodka was cooled in the freezer so that the fat could congeal. Then, the bacon was pulled out of the bottle with chopsticks so the boys could re-fry it. A lot of cheesecloth was used as the method of filtration and finally after 3 years my turkey baster was taken out of its packaging and used!

The bacon vodka needs one more good filtering before it can be taste-tested.

The skittle rum on the other hand is ready to go, and all of the excess sugar has been filtered out. Mmm, frothy. So, not only can you get drunk from drinking this, you can get some diabetes too!


  1. We've been watching alot of the tv show Fringe lately and they do some strange things in their lab too :)

    All in the name of science of course!!

  2. I think I could drink the skittle rum but the bacon vodka doesn't appeal to me at all!!!

  3. splain Jillybean...what is bacon vodka?????..for that matter skittle rum tooo..