Monday, November 9, 2009


Do you have any unusual piercings?

Many people who knew me were surprised when I got my eyebrow pierced during my first year of university. I remember when I told my BFF she was shocked. I suppose it was sorta out of character? I liked it and only took it out four years later when I started my first teaching placement. Thankfully, that piercing did not hurt in the least. It has left a pretty apparent scar.

The only other "different" sort of piercing was in my tragus, the middle part of the ear. Really, not so different at all. It hurt like a mo fo, basically like my ear was being pulled off. It never healed properly and was always getting infected. You can slightly see it in the picture below.

Also in this picture, you can make out M's labret piercing below his lip. He says it's didn't hurt too much, mostly a big pinch. I really liked it on him. In the picture he's wearing a clear ball, to make it less noticeable at work, but I liked the silver ball best. M also used to have his nipple pierced. Hahaha, stud.

I'd say this is all pretty tame, considering the types of piercings you could potentially get. Oh to be young again :)


  1. Whatever do you mean???? You are young!!! I really didn't like the piercing in the middle of your ear.... But I kind of liked your eyebrow one.... I don't think I ever saw M's pierced nipple....

  2. I think its important to march to your own drummer. If you enjoy/ed piercings I say go for it!!