Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a Dangerous Game

M and I play on a floor hockey team and tonight's game was rough! I fell and slid across the floor like Superwoman and M did a leap that ended with a few rolls. It was pretty impressive. I got slashed so hard that my hand started bleeding. Ahhh, all in the name of a good game - in a league that is supposed to be non-competitive. Is there such a thing?

Seriously though, floor hockey can be dangerous! I was slashed about 7 weeks ago in the ankle and although the massive bruise is gone, the bump is still the same. M told me tonight that it could take a year or more to go away! Is this true? Every week I leave with ball shaped bruises all over my body. People at work think I'm being beaten.

Oh well, it is a lot of fun and a great workout! Talk about doing a million lunges!


  1. I can remember floor hockey from school and yes its a dangerous sport! But hey, if you enjoy it its a great way to keep your exercise regime interesting.

  2. Ouch... floor hockey is a rough sport.... you should probably wear some protection!!