Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chi-Town, Day One

Day one in Chicago was a good one. Our visas were approved in a relatively painless process, we had an uneventful flight, wandered around all afternoon/night, and tried deep dish pizza!

Here's M's new home for the next month. Christmas decorations are out in full force.

He's being put up in a short term rental unit at a hotel. It's basically a standard hotel room with a kitchenette. It may have been decorated in the '80s and it may have been built for hobbits, but it'll do!
Things I've already noticed about Chicago:
1) People are really friendly. Like small town friendly.
2) It's like Toronto but bigger.
3) It's like New York but smaller.
4) People are sloooowwwwww here. I walk like I'm on a mission because that's the Toronto way. Apparently people here are not in a rush everywhere they go?

Tomorrow I'll show you pictures from our pizza eating. You'll all want some and decide you must come visit Chicago so we can take you out for some!


  1. Hobbits! Too funny....

    The kitchen looks fairly decent but the bathroom picture made me laugh - its a tight fit!!

    Ah, its just a place to crash after an exciting day in Chicago - its all good :)

  2. I'm sure M will get used to living in a small sized place for a month. He probably won't be there much... too much to see and do!! It will be interesting to see what you pick out to live in for the next two years!! Hopefully room for your guests to lay their head down for the night..