Friday, November 6, 2009

1 Step Forward, 15 Backs

Tonight I went to an art event called 1 Step Forward, 15 Backs that was organized by the dude who drew M's latest tattoo. There were fifteen back pieces on display, lots of appetizers, and tons of people with tattoos. Most of the people had full or at least half sleeves and I could just see the wheels turning in M's head!

Most of the art wasn't exactly my style, as I enjoy pretty things like flowers and rainbows, rather than scary skeletons. This didn't stop me from appreciating the immense talent the artists have though.

Here's one picture taken with M's iPhone. Of course I forgot the camera at home. This is the only pic we could get without a glare or weird reflections showing up.

And here's big D with our bowl of meatballs!
Being surrounded by so many tattooed people made me think, just for a minute, about getting another small piece done. I really like inside wrist tattoos but first, what would I get, and second, would I really want a tattoo in a spot that cannot be easily hidden? Hmmm.


  1. No!!!! Rethink the pain!!! You could never hide it if it was on your wrist. It would always be there staring at you!!

  2. One thing I've learned about people who want tattoos is they go and get them no matter how many times we ask not to, so I won't bother. That being said, try your other ankle instead of your wrist - or the nape of the neck :)