Saturday, November 14, 2009

To The Windy City

I'm moving! To the windy city! In 7 months! ohmygosh

How do I feel about this?

Excited. Nervous. Sad that my husband is moving there in two weeks without me. Annoyed that I finally have an interesting social life (sorta), just in time to leave it behind. And sad that my husband is moving there in two weeks without me.

Things that are holding me back from going with him in December? My job. First, I like it, things are good. Second, I feel like I have an obligation to finish off the school year. Last year many of my students had a horrible year. They went through 5 teachers, had no consistency, and are basically behind a whole year academically. The parents were so upset. This leaves me feeling like I shouldn't/can't leave. Would they survive without me? Most definitely. So, what can I say, I'm confused. If this opportunity would have arisen last year at this time, I would have left in a heartbeat.

For now I am focusing on the exciting parts of moving! A new life adventure. A new city to explore. OPRAH!! Target! Experiencing life as an "American". Figuring out whose health care system really is better :) Being a tour guide for all of the friends and family who are going to visit us, right???

Changes are a happening!


  1. Good for you for having a commitment to your classroom - I'm glad you're staying behind to finish the year - its not only important for your class, but for you, professionally as well.

    It's not easy to settle in a new city as you know, M is used to it - he's a bit of a gypsy as you've already figured out. It will be exciting - and he will have paved the way for you so once you arrive it will be alot easier.

    Here's hoping he finds a big enough apartment to house all the folks that want to come visit :)

  2. It's going to be a great opportunity for you to live in the Windy City for a few years... (just two years, right M????) It's so hard to figure out what to do when you really like your job here. We'll come and visit you in TO as much as we can when M isn't home for the weekend.... and I'm sure you will fly to Chicago every chance you get...... I'll be on the lookout for cheap flights for you. I think your students would really miss you if you left halfway through but if it happens that you do leave I'm sure they will survive. Myself, I can't wait to visit you there!!!

  3. very excited for you guys!

  4. J - my friend Sally is here and she says to tell you that she loves Chicago and she is planning a trip for she and I to come to Chicago and take you to a jazz club. Sound like fun? :)

  5. Exciting! I will miss your Toronto posts, but I guess there will still be seven months of it.