Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lazy Day

This picture captures what I'm doing today... absolutely nothing and I'm loving it. Browsing the internet while sipping bubble tea while eating sea salt dark chocolate.

When M and I were in Halifax this summer we sampled a piece of dark chocolate that had sea salt sprinkled on top. Yum! Then I saw this Lindt bar on sale yesterday and had to try it. It's pretty good and I've now had two squares, so I need to move it far away so that I can savour it.

We've been searching for a hotel for Christmas vacation, purchasing a few flights, and trying to find a recipe to make for tomorrow's pot luck league. Later tonight we're going to a birthday party. Life is good, I can't complain.


  1. Have fun tonight. Sounds like you are having a great day. Everyone needs a day like you're having every once in a while.

  2. Life is always good - after all, what is the alternative? :)

    Chcocolate and sea salt eh - hmmm - interesting!

  3. Glad to hear you had a relaxing day :)