Friday, November 13, 2009


This blogging everyday thing is challenging! I have nothing interesting to say tonight. I don't feel like writing because I spent all day writing report cards. Basically, I am boring.

So, give me some ideas people!

For now I will leave you with this... while reading one of my favourite blogs, The Pioneer Woman, I found this CUTE necklace! It might make a nice Christmas gift for someone you know, or hmm, if I remember correctly, someone special's birthday is coming up soon :)

It's like it's meant just for me! You can find it and other neat stuff here.


  1. I'm sure M got the message :)

    As for ideas, you can always write about your classroom and the darndest things kids say - you can write about your thoughts about moving to Chicago - you can write about movies you've seen - and my particular favorite, the adventures in the kitchen :)

    You're not boring but it must be tough to have something to say every day. Just remember there are those of us who miss you guys and love hearing anything :)

  2. I second everything Marina said!! We love hearing anything. You aren't boring at all. I love going back and reading some of your blogs again... A few of my friends read them everyday also but I guess they don't like to comment..... hmmm

  3. Jilly Bean! You are not boring! You're one of the first pages I check in the morning and before I go to bed!!!!
    I also saw this necklace on Nienie's blog! They are beautiful and are truly a nice gift idea! Hope you get what you ask for!!!