Monday, November 2, 2009

Leona Drive Project

On the weekend M and I were looking for something to do and heard about the Leona Drive Project. Before being torn down, a group of houses was handed over to artists to create an exhibit. Most of the art was on the exterior of the houses and in the backyards, but one house was fully open, including the basement.... spooky.

Can you spot me?
The bathroom in the picture below was painted with lipstick!

The car idea below was taken from an actual family in Etobicoke, whose house has been run into twice!

This room was decorated with painted pennies.

There were lots of video projectors used and when you looked at the windows of this car it seemed as if you were driving on the road.

Pretty interesting stuff!


  1. You're lucky that you live in a city that lets you explore lots of things..... never a dull moment for you!! I think it would be great to see the Leona Drive Project.

  2. I heard about that car crashing twice in Etobicoke!!! What a cool exhibit! :)