Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who Needs A New Toothbrush?

This was my project for some of the night.

Packing! Yahoo!

This is the first time in a long time that I'm going away for the March Break! I'm soooooo looking forward to it and have been counting down the days! My plan is to fill one side of my suitcase with things I actually need (left) and the other half with things to give away (right). This will leave me with an extremely light bag on the way back home!

Tonight I went around gathering clothes, school materials, bathroom items, and basically whatever I could find that I thought the people in Cuba might need and want. Under the bathroom sink I found 10 new toothbrushes, still in packages from the dentist! I hope they need those, but perhaps I should bring toothpaste too?

I have a lot of stuff to give! I'm not quite sure how to give it though! We're planning on going on some day trips, so do I give things to people I see around the town? Leave it for workers I meet at the resort? I don't like awkwardness! Help!


  1. I completely forgot you guys were going away again! Have fun!

    I've never been to Cuba, but I do remember my brother telling me that in the Dominican little kids used to follow them around and ask for candy - not toothbrushes :) You're very kind to want to give them stuff they can actually use.

  2. I will ask my parents because they having been going to Cuba every year for like the past ten years.

  3. When we went to Cuba we left all sorts of toiletries for the maid ... we always left it on the pillow ... that way she knew it was for her. Also, we gave stuff to our bartenders.... they always liked to bring stuff home to their families. And...they gave us great service. Have lots of fun!! I'll wave to you as our airplanes pass each other!!

  4. we left things for the cleaning staff at the resort on our last day... we left a note stating that they could take it so that the staff weren't accused of stealing anything.

  5. I was told hair clips, barrettes, combs and brushes are in high demand by the maids for their little girls at home - apparently they are pricey down there....