Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Eats

Last night I met M. downtown for some Ethiopian food. I've been wanting to try this place, Ethiopian House, for a long time because it gets really good reviews and it's something different to do. Even Woody Harrelson eats there! There is a hilarious candid photo of him with his mouth full on their website.

It's not hard to find this place with all its Christmas lights!

We asked the server what we should order and ended up with a vegetarian platter, a beef dish, and some chicken. It was way too much! We were only finished half of it and were already so full! Next time we will definitely only order the vegetarian platter because it was much more tasty than the meat.

Oh my gosh, you tasted so good.

To eat Ethiopian food you use the bread-like stuff, called injera, to pick up the food and soak up the sauce. Injera feels so weird... it's sorta like a crepe but really spongy. You can see it up close in the picture below - the food is sitting on one big piece of it. There are no forks or silverwear at this place!

Here's M. picking up some of the vegetarian dish.

I really enjoyed the dinner, it was delicious and very inexpensive. If you have an Ethiopian restaurant where you live, you should try it! Or if you come to visit Toronto, we'll take you there!

Ooh, and that's one more thing off my 36 in 365 list! Yay!


  1. It sounds delicious..... very different...I'll hold you to offer to take us there when we come and visit.

  2. Sounds good. We do have Ethiopian restaurants here but I've never tried them. I have seen that bread around though in the stores - always reminded me of sponge or something that comes from the sea. I have eaten Indian food with naan instead of utensils before - similar concept.

  3. Ethiopian food looks really interesting! I'm going to have to try to search one of those out sometime. I love testing out new restaurants, specifically from different countries.