Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rest and Relaxation

The resort we stayed at in Cuba was called Sol Rio de Luna y Mares and we loved it! I'd recommend it for sure! The beach was absolutely gorgeous - white sand and no rocks at all. About 10 minutes down the beach was a reef that was awesome to go snorkelling in.

I got up early on our last day and went down for the sunrise. It was so peaceful first thing in the morning.

Below is the view of the beach from up near the pool area. The resort was small enough that it only took about 2 minutes to get to the beach from our room. The pool was basically right outside our block of rooms. Very convenient for bathroom breaks!

One of the nights, Air Transat hosted a beach party. Air Transat is total crap in general, so it was no surprise that this was the worst dinner of our entire stay. The line for the buffet was so long and by the time we got there, the food had run out. So we had dinner #1 at the beach, then went for dinner #2 at the regular buffet. The scenery was nice though!

Staying at an all-inclusive was very different from the vacations than M and I are used to taking. We are usually go go go, walking for many hours a day, and always doing something. I must say it was nice to lay on a beach all day! So relaxing! And although I did not finish the entire Twilight series like I set out to do, I did finish New Moon, Eclipse, and am halfway through Breaking Dawn. Close enough! That adds up to about 1500 pages in one week!


  1. Very nice! Did you get a chance to ride the horses I see in the background?

  2. You and R both look beautiful!! I think it is so nice to relax at an all inclusive once in a while. It's a great way to reconnect with yourself!!

  3. I love the sunrise picture. To me it is the best part of the day!!

  4. I love the pics! I want more! I did the same thing and woke up early one of the mornings and went down to the beach by myself to watch the sunrise. One of the workers on the beach staff said they would keep an eye on me so I was safe.

  5. Marina, we did not ride the horses because, well.. I was wearing a dress and there was a line up.

    We booked a horseback riding tour but then found out you had to wear long pants and covered shoes, so we chose to stay on the beach!