Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cookin' Up A Storm!

Today I've been doing a lot of cooking, because well, I have the time and it's much easier than making things throughout the busy week. It's so nice being able to pop my breakfast into the microwave and pack my lunch in seconds, especially since I like to workout in the morning and am always so rushed.

This morning I made Custard Oatmeal for breakfast. Yum, so creamy and delicious. I even got M. to try some! He said it was "fine" so to me that means pretty darn good! I got the recipe from this blog and modified it just a bit. I ended up using 2/3 cup oatmeal, 1 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup egg whites, and 1 apple. It made three servings - each at about 140 calories (22g carb, 10g protein, 1g fat). It was a bit time consuming, but worth it!

You know you need to do dishes when you're eating breakfast out of a mug!

Next I made Gypsy Soup from this Cooking Books blog. I pretty much followed her recipe except added 5oz of chicken for more protein. I've never thought of putting sweet potatoes in soup before! Yum. I only had a small taste, so I can't wait to take some in my lunch this week. This made 5 servings, each at about 225 calories (38g carbs, 12g protein, 2.5g fat). Next time I'll definitely add more chicken to up the protein even more.

Lastly, I made myself a Breakfast cookie! I read a lot of healthy eating websites and have noticed a lot of people are making these. I followed The Fitnessista's recipe but used a whole scoop of protein powder and added half of a banana. You need to make these in advance so they can harden overnight. I'm not sure about this because I always heard that you should consume protein powder quickly after mixing it and I'm not a fan of the taste. But, I did lick the spoon I was stirring with and I think the peanut butter and bananas will overpower the protein powder taste! I'm excited to try it tomorrow morning! This makes 1 serving at about 350 calories (35g carbs, 30g protein, 10g fat).

I don't look good but I taste good (hopefully)!


  1. You're a busy bee!! And what is M doing while you're cooking?

  2. You sure do like to cook!!! It all looks so yummy also... maybe you can come home in the summer and treat us to some of your cooking, baking, etc....

  3. M has been studying all weekend, thank goodness!